Community Council Minutes – September 23, 2015
Washington Terrace Elementary
In attendance: Jamie Smith – teacher; Trista Keller- parent; JaNae Cleeg – parent; Jenny Olsen- parent; Katie Amsden – School LEA
Absent: Trinity Hansen – PTA representative; Stephanie Draayer – parent

*Trust land purpose along with the purpose of the video was discussed with the team members.

  • *DATA GATEWAY – School data from last year’s SAGE data was reviewed with the committee. Mrs. Amsden presented ELA – Math – Science. Both ELA and Math needs to see additional growth in the coming year. This then lead into discussion regarding how Trust land monies were being used to help increase the ELA and Math scores within the school.
  • *Current Trust land plan was reviewed which included the current budget numbers and plans for the coming year.
  • *The school has purchased DREAM BOX math licenses for grades 1-2. This was written into the Trust land plan for the coming year. Trista Keller has been hired to work in the computer lab for 2 hours a day to help run DREAM BOX with the younger students.
  • *Title I plan was reviewed with the council. It was noted that benefits from Title I funding includes lower class sizes, and additional funding for school aides, and monies for additional academic needs.
  • *Elections will be held at Parent Teacher Conferences which meets the fall election requirements.
  • *Next Community Council meetings will be held November 19, 2016, February 18, 2016, and April 14, 2016.