Community Council Minutes- September 15, 2016

Attendance: Katie Amsden (principal), Jamie Smith (teacher), Parents: Shaelyn Stanger, Stephanie Draayer, Kristen Peer, Trista Keller, JeNae Clegg

  • Discussed compliance review recommendations
  • Discussed purpose of community council and TrustLand funds
  • Trust Land plan includes:
  1. Attendance tracking: Miss Kimber is targeting students who are chronically absent
  2. Dream Box Licenses for 1st and 2nd grade administered by Mrs. Keller
  3. Aleks licenses for 3-4th grade students and one 5th grade and one 6th grade class.  WTE was allocated fewer licenses than needed, so 19 additional licenses were purchased.
  4. Paraprofessionals- $27,000 salaries and benefits.  Many aides are paid through both Title One and Trust Land funds.
  5. $1,000 for substitute teachers for trainings.
  6. $700 for general supplies (ie. Dibels books)
  7. $1,500 for periodicals (Time for Kids, National Geographic, Scholastic)
  8. Estimated expenses monies
  • Discussed upcoming options for Trust Land funds.
  1. Chromebooks have a four year life.  They will not be supported after that time.  When that time is up, the Chromebooks will be removed from the school and not replaced.  Looking ahead to setting aside funds to replace the Chromebooks in the upcoming years.
  2. WTE is 20 years old.  Projectors in classrooms will need to be replaced.  It is $600-$700 for the projector and $600-$700 to wire the classroom for the new projector.  We need to plan ahead for these expenses.
  3. Monies need to be set aside in the future for technology. 
  • Discussed recently released school grades
  1. Washington Terrace Elementary’s score: 320/600.  We are the highest of the title one schools in the district!  We are doing well!
  2. 36% growth in ELA

38% growth in MATH

35% proficient in ELA overall

40% proficient in MATH overall