Community Council Minutes- January 26, 2017

Attendance: Katie Amsden (principal), Jamie Smith (teacher), Trista Keller (parent), JeNae Clegg (parent), Shae Stanger (parent)

1. Reviewed the order of conduct

2. Reviewed Trust Land Plan

• $4500- allocated for AmeriCorps Employee.

- Position has been helpful with low- attendance students and students with behavior issues.

- Compared absences of specific students from last year to this year. Improvement has been made over the first quarter

- Employee has a caseload of 40 students (should have 30)

-Concluded the position is worthwhile and money well spent

• $4900 allocated for technology (Dream Box & Aleks) $4,136.43 has been spent

• $700 allocated

• $1500 allocated for periodicals

• $27,000 allocated for aides and their salaries

• $24, 312.52 remaining through June 2017

3. Discussion of parent input for allocation of funds for upcoming school year.

• Discussion included the need for a set of chrome books since we will be losing one set at the end of this year.

- JeNae Clegg made a motion to purchase one set of Chromebooks using Trust Land funds for the upcoming year.

- Trista Keller seconded.

- The motion was unanimously approved.

• The use of classroom sets of periodicals (National Geographic, Time for Kids etc.) was discussed.

- $5000 has been spent on periodicals this year.

- The teachers will be surveyed to assess the value of this resource in their teaching.

- The matter will be revisited at the end of this school year.

4. Title One Audit is coming up.

- Reviewed the Title One plan

-Discussion of how to spend Title One money.

- Items discussed were Family Night, Non-fiction Text for the school, a teacher planning day in the summer and Professional Development for the teachers.