Community Council Minutes 9/21/17 6pm
Attendance: Katie Amsden, Jamie Smith, Wendy Peterson, Corbi Lima, Trista Keller, Jenae Clegg, Linda Fonnesbeck.
        Reviewed election process and Robert’s Rules of Order
                  A paper was sent home with information about community council to all parents.
                  Parents interested in serving on community council sent the papers back to the school. From those papers sent back, a list of parents names were put on a ballot.
                  Names on the ballet included:
                              Parents: Linda Fonnesbeck, Trista Keller, Corbi Lima, Wendy Peterson, Kristen Peer, Nicole Richards
                              School Representative- Jamie Smith
                              Principal- Katie Amsden
Kristen Peer was selected as committee chair. Wendy Peterson made the motion, Trista Keller seconded. All approved.
There was discussion about recent state privacy laws (HB 358). This law affects various computer programs used at the school and student privacy. We use Dream box, and ALEKS, they may be most affected. We will go forward using these programs this school year unless the companies do not sign the District MOA, then the programs will be discontinued.

Reviewed the 2016-2017 Budget
               Aide Salaries- $34,645.24 (Includes Americorps, Reading, Computer)
               Periodicals- $1,016.66
               Software, Dreambox- $4,136.43
               General Supplies- $700.00
Reviewed 2017-2018 Trust land budget - $51,812.00 and plan for the upcoming year.
               AmeriCorps - $3,975.00 – helps with attendance students. The school has seen a large decrease in student absences because of this program.
               Computer aides- $8,500 – This salary goes toward one teacher who runs computer lab during teacher PLC’s.
               Dream box- $3,900 – this math computer software purchased for grades 1-2 that goes along with common core.
               Aides Salaries- $30,000 – Reading Aides in classrooms.
               Substitutes- $1,000 – for teachers and professional development opportunities
               General Supplies-$1,000 – Will be used for printing and DIBELS books
               Periodicals- $2,500 – Teachers will choose what periodical they would like to purchase for their class. Examples: Time for Kids, National Geographic, Scholastic News
               Total- $50,875 with $937.00 of carry over
Title I Plan and update-
               Reviewed Title I plan for the coming year. Discussed SAGE and DIBELS scores and using the data as a guide for instruction. Leadership Team is collaborating to decide an academic                 focus for the school year.
               Compared SAGE scores with the other eight Title I schools. WTE was in the top three in ELA, Math, and Science.
Discussed new math adoption- Engage NY. Discussed feedback from parents and teachers.
Discussed how to increase community involvement in Community Council and PTA.
               Encourage classroom membership, competitions
               Volunteer appreciation
Meeting adjourned